For a long time, I wanted to develop an educational app for young entrepreneurs, startup founders, and startup teams, to help them especially at the start of their journey. This app is curated for entrepreneurs who are looking to start a company as well as those in the process of building one.

My vision for Startup 101 was clear, what I looked at in my app was these:

I’m a super tech-savvy person and over the past 10 years, I used maybe more than 200 SaaS products in my companies. I like finding new tools to improve our processes and as you’ve guessed it, almost all of those 200 were waste of time!

So to save you time on testing bad products, here is the list of the most useful SaaS tools that helped our businesses over the years and are absolute must-haves!

1. Project Management: Trello

Pricing: Free up to 10 boards, Subsbscription/month/user

Cross-Platform Availability? Yes, web, iOS & Android

Perk Program For Startups? No

Trello gives you a super easy…

2021 marks another very big change for Google’s ranking algorithms and of course, as far as SEO goes, it means good news for some and bad news for a lot of websites and products.

In May 2020, Google published a post on its developer blog introducing Core Web Vitals — a set of metrics that will result in major changes to the way websites are ranked by the search engine. In May 2021, Google will officially add those Core Web Vitals to the various other “page experience” signals it analyzes when deciding how to rank websites.

Remember good old days…

If there is one thing that I and all of my colleagues agree on, is that businesses who analyze their customers, win, every time, and the ones that are “too busy” to understand their customers, lag behind.

This is especially true for online businesses such as E-commerce businesses & SaaS startups, where the cost of churn and switching to one of the competitors is close to zero. So if you don’t analyze your customers, they will, and believe me, sooner or later, they will get your customers.

Honestly, I think it’s quite fair and democratic. Businesses that take the time…

A little more than two decades ago, the young web had a very big problem: Finding the “right” information and what you needed was very hard. In other words, back then, search engines sucked.

And then came Google, with a single purpose, to show people what they need, when they need it. It was not an easy task as it involves two major parts:

First, you have to truly understand what people want when they use the search tools (not what they type in the search box, but what they “desire” to see as the result) and second, what results…

One of the biggest ignorance that we let ourselves believe is to blame others for the horrendous status of every aspect of our lives, be it the status of today’s world, our country, our professional field &industry, our culture, and so on.

Blaming others usually is not enough, so we transfer the blame, and by that the power to fix/responsibility to a group of people who are stronger or untouchable.

It gets much easier for our ease of mind to blame everything on governments, mafia, celebrities, Hollywood, media, social networks, etc. In the word, they blame the masters of the…

E-commerces experienced a weird year in 2020. Some of them boomed and made a fortune, and the others almost bankrupt. At the first glance, the winners and losers looked identical, but at a closer look, there is a secret to their growth.

The general reaction to the covid-19 era was that the e-commerce industry will boom and grow to a new level, and for the most part, for bigger players like Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, etc. it was true, but for smaller e-commerces, this did not happen.

Just as an example, the company, Wish, is revealing $1.7 billion in revenue for…

We love to say data is king, write articles about the importance of data, proudly announce how much data we have, but how many businesses do you think really “act based on their data”? How many businesses just insert Google Analytics/HotJar/AppAnnie/MixPanel, etc. to their websites and mark the job done?

Even if you wanted to really act based on your data, when you check data analytics products, you also see that almost all of them are targeting big enterprises and don’t provide meaningful benefits to SMEs & SMBs.

Why? Because one, big enterprises know the value of their own data…

I will be quite disappointed if I traveled 5 years to the future and see that SaaS in 2025 is in the same league of what we have right now, and if the history is any indication, disruption is on the horizon.

But why? I love SaaS companies right now, I use maybe 30 of them every month in our company. Why they have to change?

Because in 2030 the software world will be different from what we have now. The same as what we have now is different from what we had in 2010. We are creators of the…

It is funny to think about the origin of every product we use everywhere. Why they choose this approach, why they built it like that and what inspired them on each step.

I don’t want to talk about the fundamentals of product design & development. In this article, I want to talk about only the first step in creating something entirely new: approach & perspective.

Early in product management game, you realize there is nothing that can be called entirely new. Everything (and I mean “everything”) we created so far, is a transformation of something else that we either created…

Farokh Shahabi

Co-founder & CEO at Formaloo | Helping online businesses grow | TEDx Organizer

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